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At Quality Life Physio, Brampton we are a passionately committed team of registered therapists dedicated to alleviating your pain and help you live well.  With more than a decade of experience, we bring evidence-based methods to treat not only the symptoms but the root cause of your pain & discomfort. 

We are committed to an excellent client experience. While our therapists, will treat your health issues our devoted & professional administrative staff supports you resolve your queries, book your appointment, help with your insurance documentation etc with immense patience and great enthusiasm. We respect your privacy & confidentiality. 

Our values are Integrity, Respect & Care. Our Vision is to help the people in our community live a quality life without any pain or discomfort. We are with you at every step in your journey towards a quality life. 


Ram Acharya is a highly experienced registered physiotherapist with a passion for helping people live well with a hands-on approach to providing evidence-based physiotherapy treatment to all age groups through his excellent 6 clinical skills

He brings over a decade of experience in the field of Physiotherapy including 6 years of physiotherapy studies. Ram started practicing Physiotherapy in the year 2007 at a rehabilitation hospital providing care to patients with neurological conditions like Spinal cord injuries, stroke and head injury.  With a couple of years of experience in neurological conditions, he moved on to practice in orthopedic conditions. He has now over 10 years of experience in musculoskeletal care at renowned hospitals and multi-disciplinary clinics. He has excelled in working with various spine and joints conditions.

Ram is committed to a client-centered approach. Maximizing each patient’s quality of life and movement potential through prevention, treatment, promotion, and rehabilitation is his passion.  He works with his patients to ensure they receive the necessary knowledge about their condition and take efficient measures to prevent secondary injuries from occurring. He is devoted to developing a personalized exercise plan, facilitating manual therapy, and educate patients to live an active and healthy lifestyle as well as continuously works on enhancing his own skills and domain knowledge through continuous educations programs & training.

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